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Welcome to the website of NAMI Hernando! This is where you will find information about who we are, what we do and the various programs we offer to help raise the quality of life for those living with mental illness (Consumers) and those who love and support them. All of our programs are free and open to all who are interested. The best way to check us out and see if we can be of assistance to you is to click on any of the links to the left.

Upcoming NAMI Events

Peer to Peer Class - Starts 9/9/15 This is a free 10 week course for consumers, which meets once a week. The focus is on a holistic approach to recovery using a combination of lectures, interactive exercises and stress management techniques. It is taught by trained "mentors" who are successful at living with and managing their own mental illness. Registration required.

Family to Family Class - Starts 9/10/15 This is a free 12 week course for family caregivers of individuals with moderate to severe mental illness. Attendess learn about effective treatment; problem solving, communication techniques; handling crisis and relapse, & locating support and services in the community. Registration required. Call the office to register.

NAMI Basics Class - Starts 9/15/15 This is a free six week course for parents/caregivers of children under the age of 18 who develop symptoms of mental illness. Attendees are given the tools to use, even after completing the program that will assist in making the best decisions for the care of the child. Registration required.

*All NAMI educational programs are nationally recognized by experts as significantly improving abilities of family members and individuals living with mental illness.

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What's New at NAMI Hernando

WestBridge & NAMI Hernando Present:

The Role of Families in Treatment
With John Colby, MSW, MLADC and
Walter Miley, Continuing Education Coordinator

August 13th, 2015- 5pm - 7:30pm
10554 Spring Hill Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34608

Co-occurring mental illness and addiction are brain diseases that affect individuals, families, and communities regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or upbringing. There is no magic bullet for these chronic illnesses, but there are effective treatments through which recovery is achieved.

John and Walter will host a discussion regarding the Evidence Based Practice – Family Education and Support. This discussion will describe an evidence-based model of family psycho-education where a family member has a co-occurring disorder. They will also discuss the stress-vulnerability model, and communication within the family.

Click here to view the event flyer. For more information please contact Walter Miley at Westbridge: 352.678.5553 or WMILEY@WESTBRIDGE.ORG

June 23, 2015

Dear NAMI Members, Consumers, Families, Friends, Supporters,

As some of you may know, Governor Scott vetoed our “Vincent House Project.” I am proud of all of you who took the time to write or email the Governor even though he disregarded our Call to Action efforts. By your actions, we have made known to our elected officials, community leaders, NAMI consumers, NAMI family and friends, and NAMI supporters that we are continuing our focus and efforts in bringing the Vincent House to Hernando County.

We will not give up hope but become even stronger and more willing to work even harder and smarter in this coming year. We cannot and will not let this one disappointing swipe of the Governor’s pen take away our promised commitment to those in our community and surrounding communities who depend on each one of us for the mental health services they need.

I spoke with our President, David Lambert this morning. He said the veto action has been very unfortunate. He further related that everyone remain focused and not to get discouraged. We must remain positive and let the consumers, families and friends know that the governor’s actions will not adversely affect our day to day operations and services.

We have done so much good this year and it has paid off. We thank all those who have supported NAMI through your dollar donations, sponsorsips and voluntary service. This coming year, we have the opportunity to raise more funds and better prepare for the Vincent House.

So I say, THANK YOU to each one of you for all your hard work this year and join me in my commitment to make this coming year even more successful.

David Mickelson
Vice President
NAMI Hernando, Inc.

Help Employ our NAMI consumers:
Bring a Clubhouse Model Center to Hernando
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We had a speaker, Matt Fox from Bay Care, talk about the

"Straight Dope on Drugs and Alcohol"

View the video below or click to watch it here.

1st Annual NAMI Golf Tournament

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